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The translation project

The person who initiated the translation project in the Marshall Islands is Pastor Tommy Kilma. Born and raised on Namu Atoll pastor Kilma knows and understands the challenges that come with spreading the gospel in the Marshall Islands. His testimony of how he became a Seventh-day Adventist and a brief history on how the mission work developed in the Marshall Islands can be viewed here.

Even though the Gospel is spread through the presence of a few schools on a couple of atolls, reaching all the islands is still a major challenge. Notice that Pastor Kilma (at 00:24:28 in the video) briefly mentions his desire to train local Bible workers to be sent out to the Atolls to advance the Gospel message. As mentioned before, 27 of the 29 atolls have no electricity and therefore the Gospel message cannot reach these islands by means of modern media like tv and internet. For this reason it is important that literature becomes available in the Marshallese language.

Marco Labega

(Jeh Ailinglaplap in the Marshall Islands)