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Blog February 2015

Dear TGSF friends

A few months ago on 27-09-2014 the SDA church in Apeldoorn opened her doors for the benefit concert 2.0 by The Good Samaritan Foundation. Again it was a blessed and inspiring concert! The sun was shining outside and inside the visitors were kept warm by beautiful songs with gorgeous musical sounds. The performances were great. The audience received the gospel songs with open arms.

The line up was comprised by a choir, solo performances, duo's and trio's. There were familiar faces but also new performances by for example Debby, Betty and Athaliah. They sang beautifully together with Marco and/or Katie. The frosting on the cake were the performances of the children. They played their songs with such beauty and purity. Click here for their performance.

The visitors were very generous. We have collected an amount of 800,- euro. We wholeheartedly want to thank everybody for their support: the SDA congregation in Apeldoorn for their hospitality and goodwill, all talents and visitors. It was a phenomenal but most of all blessed afternoon.

The volcano is still stirring. In the past months eruptions have taken place. The amount collected during the two benefit concerts is 1.350,- euro and this will be used to provide help where the need is greatest.

The contact person of TGSF in Indonesia has indicated that it is difficult for him to travel to the area. Therefore TGSF has decided to send one of the co-founders Katie Labega to the area.

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